Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Features with COPY9

Copy9 gives you access to a large number of innovative features for you to remotely monitor any Phone. These features will work in the background of the monitored Phone, in stealth mode, so the monitored user will no have any idea that they are being monitored. Now copy9 is compatible with iOS 6.x (iPhone 4S/5). Copy9 is trademark since 2010.
- Track Phone location:
  +Look at current GPS location                     +Look at location history
  +Hide Location Service Indicator
-Record Text Message:
 +View Sent/Received SMS/ iMessage            +View Deleted SMS/ iMessage
-Manage Calls:
 +View call history                                            +View call deleted history
 +Time of the call
-Read Contact History:
 +View All Contact Stored On The Phone

-Monitor Internet Activities:
 +View web browser history

-View Multimedia Files:
 +Get access to photos                                       +Watch videos files
 +Memos Voice history
-Instant Messengers:
 +View WhatsApp Chats                                   +View Yahoo chats
 +Viber History

-Record Surroundings:
 +Ambient Voice Recording

-Read Emails (coming soon):
+Incoming/ Outgoing E-mails                        +External Email Services

-Record Apps usage:
 +View Apps usage history
-Remotely Control:
 +Remote access through online control panel
 +Send SMS Commands
-Notes history:
 +View Notes history
-Alerts & Notifications:
 +Sim Card changed notification
-Monitor Apps:
 +TraceYou application
-Support Options:
 +We support 24/7                                            +Reply within 4 hours maximum
 +Money back guarantee 05 days
 +Multi Devices (3 devices )                             +Export logs (Excel/CSV)
 +Auto upgrade remotely
-100% undetectable:
 +100% Undetectable on the mobile device, don't get caught ( hide Cydia icon)

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