Friday, October 23, 2015

The parents can control children's use of smartphones easy with Copy9

For these parents, who also want to spend the best for their children and do not hesitate to spend a large sum purchase of expensive electronic equipment such as a smartphone or tablet to serve for learning, development of human intelligence.

However, besides the handy phone which brought the use of mobile phones over longer contain its early trouble and potential hazards.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to monitoring applications for children to call and message sending email like. Copy9 - phone tracker gps spy free useful option for parents when it will take the report's message calling children. With this app you will know which children are using the phone at any time and those who are young or contacts.

This software includes simple features like: manage calls, record sms message, monitor Internet cctivities. Besides, GPS tracking location, read contact history, record surroundings... also very convenient for the parents.

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